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apple release party

September 28, 2023

September has been the time for new apple releases since long before Steve Jobs was born.  It's when cider houses start harvesting their fruit for pressing and fermenting (so much more fun than spending $1500 on a new phone).

On Thursday, September 28th, join El Lopo in celebrating the season with a special menu featuring our favorite Spanish and California ciders.

There'll be cider flights, cider cocktails, and even some plates prepared with apples in both their fresh and fermented forms. Plus a special appearance from Anthony Copriviza of Pelayo Cider, an Asturian-inspired sidreria based in Santa Cruz. And because we insist on gamifying everything, it all culminates in a tournament-style cider pouring competition.

Reservations are available on Tock. To compete in the cider pouring tournament, click the link below.

register here to compete in the pouring competition (opens in a new tab)