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House Rules

1. Talk to strangers.
2. Talk to your bartender like they are more than a vending machine.
3. If you bring in outside food, you have to share it with us.
4. If you bring in outside drinks… really? This is a bar.
5. If you drink too much, you have to eat whatever we feed you.
6. If you eat too much, take a pensive walk around the block or at least go out for some air.
7. If you don't like something, tell us so we can fix it.
8. If you like something, tell your friends.
9. If you're under 21, enjoy all the vices available to you elsewhere but please don't come here and get us in trouble.
10. If you cause a scene or get in a fight, we get to shake our heads at you and quietly judge while you remove yourself from the bar.