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trivia night

photo by Sara Diamond. graphics by Matthew Clinard.

want to drink for free at el lopo everyday?

well, here's what you need to do:
1) show up with some friends by 7:30 on any wednesday.
2) answer around 40 questions, and get more of them right than any other team.
3) defend your title by coming back and continuing to win every week.

it's pretty much that simple, but here are a few more rules to keep things extra fun:
- no yelling shit out.
- no smartphones.
- maximum of 8 people to a team.
- the lowest-scoring team gets to choose a theme for a round of questions the following week. check our instagram story to find out what they chose so you can study up.
 - you can earn power-ups any other night of the week and use them to do sneaky, unfair things to other teams.
 - the winning team gets free porrón refills everyday until they are dethroned!