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our 2024 trip is officially in the works! we still have a lot of details to sort out, but at least we've pulled the trigger on flights. we'll be in the land of always yummy from September 20th to October 3rd, and you'll have the option of joining us for nearly all of that.

click here to reserve your spot with a fully refundable deposit, and you'll be among the first to know when release more details and make the actual tickets available.

in the meantime, we're leaving the info from our 2023 trip posted below, just so you have something to drool over.

Last year on the heels of our first staff pilgrimage to the land of always yummy, we were kind of obnoxious.

You thought you did something cool last night?

You tried to tell us we just served you something delicious?

You dared to say anything positive at all about the US?

“Well when we were in Spain…”

This October, we’re giving you the opportunity to be the smuggest one in the room every time someone else thinks they have a good travel story.

where we’re heading:


a restaurant that only serves mushrooms, an indoor market where you sit on beer kegs and eat razor clams out of styrofoam trays, a 100-year-old sherry bar where you can’t take pictures, and a molten jiggly tortilla that is daniel’s favorite egg dish on earth.

       rias baixas, galicia

can the world's best beef and the world's best seafood really come from the same place? well, if one of the legendary rubia gallega cows tripped over an albariño vine and fell off a cliff, it might land on a boat hauling in some jaw-droppingly plump scallops and octopus.


narrow winding alleys that reward you for getting lost, late nights with orange-infused wine and slow mornings with churros, crowded tapas bars that toe the line between staunchly old school and whimsically modern.

       sanlúcar de barrameda & cádiz

the. sea. all the time. one is a sunny sleepy beach town where every building is either a seafood restaurant or a bodega producing boldly briney manzanilla sherry to wash down your grilled langoustines. the other is an ancient port city (by some measures the oldest in europe) with a boisterous nightlife scene nestled among roman and phoenician ruins. 

Sérgio Assad standing next to a glass of wine

If you’re like us, you’ve probably been conditioned to roll your eyes at the mere suggestion of a guided group tour. And that’s a great instinct. This is different.

This is some people who fetishize Spanish gastronomy going to eat and drink all the things, and inviting you to tag along.

many different types of food on a table

this trip is best for travelers who…

  • prioritize eating and drinking above all else

  • appreciate serendipitous discoveries over heavily researched itineraries

  • are comfortable with walking a lot

  • like to experience places like a local 

  • enjoy having some guidance but also want the freedom to do their own thing

  • can stay up late

that sound like you? here’s how to join:

just give us some money please, and get yourself to the relevant starting point(s) and home from the end points. book yourself places to stay too, unless you want us to handle that.

madrid & galicia, 6 nights

$960 per person (add lodging: +$1050 per bedroom)

■ start in madrid on wednesday 10/11, by dinnertime

● end in santiago de compostela on tuesday 10/17, after lunch

galicia & andalucia, 9 nights

$1440 per person (add lodging: +$1485 per bedroom)

■ start in santiago de compostela on saturday 10/14, by dinnertime

● end in jerez de la frontera on monday 10/23, after dinner

andalucia, 6 nights

$960 per person (add lodging: +$990 per bedroom)

■ start in sevilla on tuesday 10/17, by dinnertime

● end in jerez de la frontera on monday 10/23, after dinner

all of it, 12 nights

$1595 per person (add lodging: +$1925 per bedroom)

■ start in madrid on wednesday 10/11, by dinnertime

● end in jerez de la frontera on monday 10/23, after dinner

extra days a la carte

$145 per person per day (add lodging: $170/bedroom/day)

what’s included in the price:

  • a lot of food. a few splurgy options will cost extra, and if you insist on pretending breakfast is a real thing you’ll be on your own in that endeavor. but if you hang with us every day after 2pm and are content with (shockingly good) casual dining, you’ll never be hungry and you’ll never go out of pocket.

  • all the wine, sherry, vermouth, cider, and beer your little liver desires (although we reserve the right to tell you how much that is if you don’t know). some spirits and cocktails here and there.

  • insider access to wineries, bodegas, distilleries, ranches, and canneries that make the things we sell at el lopo. any applicable admission fees will be covered as well.

  • all ground transportation within each leg of the trip. this may include trains, rental cars, buses, taxis, and subways. for those who are joining us on multiple legs, please note that transportation from one region to the next is not included in the trip cost, though we're happy to book that for you.

  • more advice, information, cultural and historical context, and educated opinions than you could ever ask for.

  • excellent company. we’re capping the group at 12 travelers, and if someone who sucks wants to come we will tell them it's full.

  • (if you opt to pay for lodging) a private bedroom in a stylish and centrally-located airbnb. if you'd rather stay elsewhere, we're still happy to book it for you or at least give recommendations.

a man standing in front of it

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some photos from our last trip: